The 10 Best Comedies Streaming on Netflix

naked gun

Welcome to the 10 Best Comedies Streaming Instantly… on Netflix…

UPDATE: May 20th, 2014 – We have updated our list to reflect the best comedy movies on Netflix:

(in our humble opinion, of course)

This list is an aggregate curated by our editorial staff. We try to keep these lists as up to date as possible, but if you see a movie on here that is no longer currently available, please let us know!

Please also let us know if you disagree with any of the picks and feel that your favorite comedy is unfairly being censored by us here at TBON.

10) Tommy Boy

Combine a bit of nostalgia, the power combo of David Spade and Chris Farley, and a young Rob Lowe, and there’s no denying that Tommy Boy deserves a place both on this list and in our hearts forever. May Farley rest in peace, such a lovable goof that left us all too soon.

9) Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Fun fact about this film. The US is one of the only places where this is rated “R” as most other countries chose to give it a “PG” equivalent rating. We’re assuming that if you have seen this film, it’s highly likely that you know the scene that pushed the rating up here in the States. A departure from John Hughes’ more teen-angst titles, Planes, Trains and Automobiles is a holiday classic. Rest in peace to John Candy, another big, lovable goof who left this earth far too early.

8) The Trip

This one is a bit more ethereal as far as traditional plot lines go, but the dialogue truly makes The Trip a hilariously delightful comedy. Playing fictional versions of themselves, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon spend the majority of their time on camera rambling together. Truthfully, it’s hard to explain, but we really recommend you give it a whirl.

7) The Breakfast Club

What happens when you stick a bunch of high school stereotypes into the same detention for the weekend? Most likely the realization that they’re not all that different from one another, and that friendship can start in the strangest of places. Sounds like a cheesy Disney movie… and in some ways it is. But The Breakfast Club is still a comedy classic.

6) Hot Rod

We can forgive you if you watched the trailer for Hot Rod several years ago and immediately rejected the notion that you would ever see such a lowbrow comedy. However, with the recent success of it’s lead star Andy Samberg, your curiosity should at least have resurfaced. This is one of the most surprisingly funny comedies of the recent decade, so the jokes on you if you’re still refusing to give it a chance.

5) Clueless

The movie that defined an entire social “movement” around the valley girl. The movie that taught my adolescent sister how to say “what…ever” anytime my parents asked her to do anything. The movie that gave every middle school boy a MAJOR crush on Alicia Silverstone that may or may not still remain. It certainly didn’t win any academy awards, but Clueless belongs in a time capsule, for all future generations to see.

4) Zoolander

Ever wondered what it’s like to be really, really ridiculously good looking? Well now you can find out for yourself. Zoolander follows the mysterious and often under-reported world of male modeling, starring Hansel, Zoolander and their crew as they work to take down the evil Mugatu empire. The movie did alright in theaters but slowly worked its way into cult classic.

3) Clerks

Fun fact: Clerks cost around $27k to film, going on to make over three million in the box office. Another fun fact: This movie hits really close to home for anyone who has worked a ridiculously terrible job. Dark and twisted comedy, all in black and white, Clerks is probably the movie you would least likely want to watch with your parents in the room.

2) Amelie

Comedy with subtitles, and not to mention an entire culture barrier, can sometimes be tough to understand. However, somehow Amelie is able to accomplish this transcendence with ease. Between the beautiful cinematography, ridiculous characters, and impeccably translated dialogue, Amelie is a must watch.

1) The Naked Gun

“Detective Frank Drebin… Police Squad!”

It’s hard not to hear Leslie Nielsen firmly state those words when reading them in my head. One of the funniest trilogies of all time, it’s impossible to watch these and not pick up on another funny line that was missed, or a hilarious backdrop detail previously overlooked. Sure, there is very little “deep thinking” involved while lines like “Nice beaver!” and “Awfully big mustache” but there is no questioning the absolute classic nature of all three of these comedies.


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