A Great Map of Countries Where Netflix is Available

what countries is netflix in

We get these questions a lot…

“Is Netflix available in Europe?”

“Is Netflix available in Asia?”

“Is Netflix available in Australia?”

For some reason, we had just kind of assumed that Netflix streamed in most countries around the world. Well, it in fact turns out that this is not the case. The below map, credit to Redditor neo7 for posting, shows just how limited Netflix actually is. Lo and behold, Europe, Asia and Africa are almost completely void of our favorite content provider. We learned that many Australians have figured a way around being blocked, but we won’t get into that…

For those curious here is a map of countries where iTunes is available too


9/11/2013 – Netflix now streaming in the Netherlands!

Netflix is now available in 41 countries around the globe


September 15th 2014: Netflix is now available in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium Austria, Switzerland – We’re guessing this European expansion will only continue to grow.

what countries is netflix in





  1. Peter says

    Netflix outside the US also has a much more limited selection of shows and movies. Most people I know in Ireland who use it have come up with ways to connect to the US service as the local selection is so limited.

      • Spiderman101 says

        I often go to continental Europe and Italy, specifically, How do they access Netflix as subscribers and stream it on their sets there? I have a smart TV in Italy. Can it be done through the TV? OR do you find some proxy site and watch it through your computers?

    • Super Bacon says

      That’s not exactly true. I can get on both US and UK Netflix (don’t ask) and I can get better movies in UK.

    • T Joudrey says

      I don’t think the USA has the best choices. I much rather watch UK, Brazil, Australia. In fact the US the last place I go All they have is the same crap that is on their TV networks.

  2. Benjamin Schniffle says

    Not true. Many movies are available in UK and Canada that aren’t available on the US stream. But if you only stream, its quick and easy to change your region and browse other countries for added material.

  3. Ivan says

    I use it regularly in Argentina. But honestly, the selection of shows and movies is the worst ever. Fortunately, it’s way cheaper.

        • anthos says

          To watch American netflix in Brazil you need what is called a vpn service. It will give you an ip address from the US or other countriesfind one which has US included. Thisway netflix thinks you are in the The US and not in Brazil. Thereare many companies most of them are not perfect anddissconect at times. If you have android i found express vpn to be good hotspot shield is good for ipads i have both systems and have tried mant vpns and these are ok, they do have a charge though. The free hotspot is pretty good but you have to pay for the other one about 8 usd, ut it is worth itprotects your computer from credit card theft also and makes you safer. Hopes this helps.

          • Super Bacon says

            I use zen mate, which is a bit different. It’s like a vpn, but for chrome web store. Also, it includes only UK and US, sadly. But I can’t download things off the internet and use them :(

  4. Mr Singh says

    I regularly find shows and movies I want to watch available only in Mexico or south America countries.other times they are only available in Nordic countries or the UK.some stuff is in Canada or USA.you have different cool stuff in different countries, just depends on what you want to watch. No one country has the best stuff to watch. USA and Canada are missing ah lot of classic movies and some newly released movies also.

    • Lolia says

      ^^ I found a free VPN and now I’ve been searching around the Netflix from other countries. I was surprised that the English Netflix has the Hobbit already, while the Mexican one has the tv series House while missing the Walking Dead. I recommend everyone to get a VPN, I believe Netflix doesn’t mind…because the subscription price is the same in all the countries 😀

  5. Piere says

    You can use media hint, a plugin fore firefox, it’s free, and you can watch netflix .com, .dk or any netflix just put the correct country code at the end and it will take you there.

    you can even watch bbc for free on bbc.co.uk :-)

    you can activate and deactivate it under plugins in firefox.

    i dont think it uses vpn, and i dint know how it works.

  6. Geroge says

    Try UnoTelly, they use DNS settings so you can get US Netflix on all kinds of devices. It’s not free, but it’s a great way to access US Netflix and a lot of other websites that are normally blocked.

  7. Teresa Lopez says

    I live in Mexico and there are lots of things that are available here that aren’t available in the US, and vice versa. There are also things that are available in Canada that aren’t available in the US. I am watching “The Sheild” right now on Canadian netflix. I use Hide My Ass, very dependable.

  8. C. Ross Croulet says

    Netflix are idiots saying “Not Available in YOUR Country”. Where I am at is not my country! Even if in Sri Lanka, I’m always an American! Such an insult!

  9. florence agostinelli says

    I am cabin crew ,i wish so much to have a cover in Singapour , Tokyo , Bankok,thanks.
    I works well in EU ,UK,USA South America ,and I like the different selections .I watch 2 or3 series at the same time and I love it .
    I never touch the TV set in any hotel room in the planet Gaia….

  10. Bob Timmerman says

    I have very recently moved to Spain only to find out that Spain is one of the few European countries where we can’t watch Netflix yet.
    Q: When is Netflix available in Spain?

    Kind regards,
    Bob Timmerman.

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