Adventure Time being removed from Netflix March 30th

adventure time removed from netflix

The Land of Ooo might soon be disappearing.

At least from instant stream on Netflix, as Adventure Time is slated to be removed from the streaming service at the end of this month. Netflix, in what seems like a bit of a content war with a bunch of Cartoon Network shows, is seeing several titles expire at the end of this month, and Adventure Time happens to be one of the marquee shows disappearing.

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The show has been one of the more popular series on Netflix, so we’re suspecting many fans to be rather upset, especially for those who haven’t caught wind quite yet that the show will be removed. There is still time to voice your concerns to Netflix, so reach out and let them know you’d love to see the show renewed. Be polite, as the customer service reps don’t necessarily have any control over the content, but they do for a fact pass your commentary onto their content team.


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