Are James Bond Movies on Netflix?


Streaming, not stirred, is how most Netflix viewers prefer their Bond films. Unfortunately, most of the MI6 agent’s best hits have disappeared from Netflix as of February, including Goldfinger, A View to Kill, and From Russia with Love. There is, however, one remaining Bond film on Netflix: Skyfall.

Daniel Craig’s portrayal of James Bond is considered one of the most gritty and perhaps austere versions of the character, and this angle is on full display in Skyfall, where Bond must grapple with the consequences of leaked information and collateral damage within the intelligence community. Skyfall was praised for its action choreography, expert cinematography, and handling of contemporary issues, and garnered a cool 92% on review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes. Act quickly, however, since Skyfall is among the Netflix titles disappearing from the instant streaming rosters this month.

Fortunately, you can still watch the entirety of the Bond series if you have access to Amazon Prime, where its Instant Video catalog includes Moonraker, Dr. No, and Casino Royale.

If you’re holding your breath for Craig’s next foray into the Bond world, titled Spectre, you can build your anticipation by watching (or re-watching) this Skyfall trailer:

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