Is Downton Abbey on Netflix?

downton abbey netflix

Boy do we get asked wiether or not Downton Abbey is on Netflix a lot. One of the most cultishly popular shows of the last decade, Downton Abbey took the world by storm with its beautiful period piece coverage of England during the early 1900s. Historically tuned, viewers will be exposed to many historical events despite the show's fictional storyline. Events like WWI and the … [Read more...]

The Interview Coming to Netflix January 24th

the interview on netflix

For all the controversy caused by this film, the past few weeks have made for some interesting debate over freedom of speech, what crosses the line, new content distribution models, and just about everything in between. One of the biggest questions we kept getting was whether or not Netflix would pick up the tab and offer The Interview on instant stream. It seemed like a … [Read more...]

Is Scorpion on Netflix?

scorpion on netflix

CBS seems to have a hit on their hands with their newest foray into spy comedy/drama/action television. Scorpion follows a team of misfits with geeky/techy penchants, used to thwart the weekly threats to global security. On January 12th, Scorpion was renewed for a second season, meaning now would be a great time to start investing into the series. Unfortunately for many … [Read more...]

Netflix Removing Red Dwarf February 2015

red dwarf netflix

Well with the good, sometimes comes the bad. Despite all the wonderful announcements yesterday that several BBC shows had been removed from the chopping block, such as Doctor Who, Top Gear (more recent seasons), Luthor, the original Office, etc., there were still some major casualties. Red Dwarf was nowhere to be found on the list, and from our recent conversations, there … [Read more...]

UPDATE: Doctor Who, Top Gear, Luther and other BBC shows renewed

leaving netflix february 2014

Fantastic news everyone. We just confirmed with Netflix that Doctor Who, Top Gear, Luther and other BBC shows have been renewed, as our earlier report's source had told us. Once again, to reitarate, these types of last minute deals are often very common, as Netflix and content owners sometimes do not reach a deal rapidly enough to keep the "expiring from Netflix" notice from … [Read more...]

Is Netflix Blocking DNS and VPN Services? Some Customers Say Yes

Reed Hastings

Services like Hola Unblocker and Getflix are popular with Netflix users, allowing them to watch Netflix content from all the libraries exclusive to specific countries. For a long time, Netflix didn't seem to pay much mind to people using these types of services, turning a blind eye to those users who magically were in the Netherlands one moment and then in Canada the next … [Read more...]

Is Modern Family on Netflix?

modern family on Netflix

"Will Netflix Ever Get Modern Family Back?" The crowds cried out. Modern Family on Amazon Many moons ago one of ABC's finest accomplishments was available in its entirety on Netflix for everyone to enjoy. But then the show started getting really popular. And we mean REALLY popular. Like multiple Emmy winning popular. And with that bit of information, it explains the … [Read more...]

What’s new on Netflix February 2015

hosue of cards february 27th new on netflix

It had been a disappointing few weeks for Netflix subscribers as the list of television shows and movies being removed from Netflix had some major losses on it like Doctor Who, My Little Pony and Top Gear on the list. You can see the full list here. But fortunately Netflix and BBC made some last minute deals to keep some of the most popular BBC shows on Netflix Regardless of … [Read more...]

What countries have the most movies on Netflix?

what countries is netflix in

Besides what countries is Netflix available in, a lot of people ask what countries have the most Netflix content available. While the below list is certainly always changing (last updated January 11th, 2015), it should paint a pretty good picture of what movies are in each country streaming on Netflix: 1) USA - 6191 2) Canada - 3032 3) Brazil - 2411 4) UK - … [Read more...]

Is Workaholics on Netflix? We Sure Hope It Comes Back

workaholics on netflix

A while back, a man could flip on the TV, queue up the greatest show about Rancho Cucamonga, CA to ever be created and enjoy entire seasons of this Comedy Central classic. We all became quick fans of Ander, Blake and Adam and their ridiculous exploits while working for a local telemarketing company. Through trials and tribulations, we learned the true meaning of friendship, and … [Read more...]