Breaking Bad Season 5 (the first half) Reportedly Streaming on Netflix Starting August 2nd


While we will of course all be heartbroken to see it all end this year, we could not be more excited for the grand finale of Breaking Bad later this summer. For those of you who are currently a half season behind or for those of you looking to recap the events of the past season before the second half starts, evidence has emerged that season 5A of the show will be streaming instantly on Netflix starting August 2nd —

image credit redditor drsurly & JDC4654
image credit redditor drsurly & JDC4654

Redditor usernames JDC4654 and drsurly spotted the streaming details this week and posted to /r/netflix that it’s likely we will all get a chance to watch the first eight episodes of season five before the start of the second half of the season later this summer. Definitely some of the best television out there, couldn’t be more excited to give it another viewing before the beginning of the end.


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