Is House of Cards Realistic and Good?

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One of the most common questions we get is whether or not House of Cards is good. Compare that to the next common question is whether or not House of Cards is realistic. Is House of Cards Good? Well, for starters, House of Cards has received massive critical acclaim. Almost across the board, people applauded the show for its intensity mixed with a semi-realistic … [Read more...]

Recapping the Netflix April Fools Jokes [2014]

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For those of you living under a rock yesterday, consider yourself spared from the barrage of corporate attempts at humor being rammed through every channel on the web. One of my favorite quotes from the day, "April Fools is the perfect day to see who isn't qualified to write for The Onion." But there are always some standouts. And this year Netflix certainly did some … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE: Netflix Announces New Original Series: Live Action My Little Pony

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Update: 4/2/2014: Please note the date on the original article: April Fools =) Exciting news My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fans! Netflix has just reached an exclusive deal to partner with Lauren Faust, creator of MLP:FIM, bringing you the first ever My Little Pony live action series. The pilot season will contain eight episodes, all with live action actors playing your … [Read more...]

16 Beautiful House of Cards Character Quotes

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With many people wrapping up the second season of House of Cards on Netflix, we thought it would be fun to take a look at the character's most infamous quotes. Got any favorites from the images below?   "Pay attention to the fine print." - Frank   "I will not be left out of the loop." - Linda   "You cannot run away from this." - … [Read more...]

House of Cards Against Humanity – The Perfect Pairing

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Update: As you can see on the CAH page below, the House of Cards themed deck is already sold out. We'll update if we find out they're releasing more. We can't believe this idea had never crossed our mind, but we're certainly glad it has come to fruition. House of Cards and Cards Against Humanity have partnered to create House of Cards Against Humanity. This is … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Ruined For Every Couple by House of Cards

House of Cards Valentines

BREAKING: Couples everywhere proclaiming that they will not in fact be celebrating Valentine's Day next Friday, instead, most have stated they will instead be binge watching the entire second season of House of Cards. Kevin Spacey has been quoted as saying, "Personally, I hate the Hallmark holiday, I think that's why I worked really hard to convince Netflix to release the … [Read more...]

Looking For The Worst Movies on Netflix? We’ve Got Some Great Resources

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Are you a fan of terrible movies? Is your ideal Friday night sitting around with your friends (or by yourself), drinking a few beers and enjoying an absolute on-screen disaster? Perfect, because we've got some great resources for you: Two Reddit heroes have created two subreddits where people are free to submit what they believe to be the worst movies on Netflix: Check … [Read more...]

Netflix Releases Aquarium For Your Home – It’s More Ridiculous Than the Fireplace

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Remember a few months ago when Netflix released a streaming fireplace for the holidays and it completely changed everything about what you thought a streaming service was capable of? Well prepare to have your mind blown again... Netflix has just introduced a streaming fish tank titled "Aquarium For Your Home: Goldfish" for those of you that occasionally think it might be … [Read more...]