Netflix ‘Binge Watching’ Nominated for Word of the Year


You might have heard yesterday that "selfie" was the word of the year, topping out "twerk" "bitcoin" and.... "binge-watch" -- While I'll leave the debate as to whether or not selfie should be anywhere near the English language, we still got the biggest kick out seeing binge-watch up for consideration. Pause for a minute and think about the last time you fell in love with … [Read more...]

Let’s Be Honest, Netflix Customer Service Can Be Hilarious


For those of you who frequent Reddit, you may have caught the greatest customer service exchange ever between a customer and a Netflix representative. Rather than spoil it, we're probably better off just letting the screen captures do the talking. Trust us, it's totally worth a read. Update: Apparently "Captain Mike" is well aware of his new found popularity, so much in … [Read more...]

Where the IMDB Top 250 Movies Were Filmed


Ever curious where your favorite Sci-Fi movie was filmed here on Earth? How about where your favorite on-screen kiss took place? Maybe your favorite historical period piece?  The below interactive map shows you where your favorite movies from the IMDB Top 250 list were filmed: (via Travelex Currency Exchange). … [Read more...]

Weekly Netflix Tweet Recap: Breaking Bad Edition


Each week we choose a few Tweets that really speak to us on the beauty that is Netflix — some are newsworthy, some are silly, and some are ??? -- This week we focus on all the hype surrounding Breaking Bad -- Seriously, the last half of season five aired tonight, and while we won't say another word... if you haven't watched the show yet, please, drop everything you're doing … [Read more...]

What’s it Like to Work at Netflix?

netflix office

We're a bit obsessed with Netflix (in case you couldn't tell). So it was a real treat this week when we got the chance to speak to a Netflix employee about their day to day activities as well as other things related to the job. While they have asked to not be named as to avoid any harassment, they were happy to answer our questions about what a day in the life of a Netflix … [Read more...]

A Great Map of Countries Where Netflix is Available

what countries is netflix in

We get these questions a lot... "Is Netflix available in Europe?" "Is Netflix available in Asia?" "Is Netflix available in Australia?" For some reason, we had just kind of assumed that Netflix streamed in most countries around the world. Well, it in fact turns out that this is not the case. The below map, credit to Redditor neo7 for posting, shows just how limited … [Read more...]

Tech Tuesday: How Much Bandwidth Does Netflix Use?


We very rarely think about the massive amount of data that is transferred through a series of tubes with each movie we stream in HD from Netflix. The below graphic details out a comparison between Netflix bandwidth usage and other internet services. It should come as no surprise that Netflix takes the top spot, and by a large margin, but it was a bit shocking seeing it … [Read more...]

Trailer Park Boys are Back on Netflix

trailer park boys

Never fear, fans of Canadian mocumentary comedy! Trailer Park Boys are back on instant stream! Seasons 1-7 are now back up and running after a brief take down, which we now assume was due to some contract restructuring. While the details remain a bit of a mystery, the show is streaming once again. For the time being, enjoy the highlights below (NSFW-ish): … [Read more...]

What should I watch next on TV?


While not necessarily all of the shows listed on the below app are on Netflix, we thought it was cool enough to share. List some of your favorite shows and it will recommend a few new goodies to you as well. We also recommend filtering through the entire recommendation list they offer in order to feel slightly insulted at the very end when they offer some, uh... sage … [Read more...]