Ricky Gervais Film Special Correspondents Will Be a Netflix Exclusive


Special Correspondents, a comedy film from Ricky Gervais that stars Eric Bana, will be released as a Netflix exclusive in 2016. Bana plays a radio journalist, job on the line and desperate for a story, who fakes war reports about a rebel uprising in South America -- including his own kidnapping -- while safely hiding out above a New York restaurant. Although Special … [Read more...]

With Bob and David: Netflix Revives Mr. Show

Bob Odenkirk and David Cross in Mr. Show With Bob and David.

HBO fans of a certain age might remember Mr. Show With Bob and David, a sketch comedy series that aired in the mid to late 90s. "Bob and David" are Bob Odenkirk, who shows his dramatic genius in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and David Cross, of Arrested Development fame. These two coming back together in the name of sketch comedy is huge news for their fans, and Netflix … [Read more...]

The Big Lebowski Back on Netflix


White Russian fans rejoice: The Dude is back, and he abides. On Netflix. There are no fans quite like the fans of this cult classic, and they'll be quick to let you know how The Big Lebowski really tied the Netflix streaming room together, until it was removed back in 2011. Netflix removing Big Lebowski from Watch Instantly then adding The Expendables, is like giving … [Read more...]

Metalocalypse being cancelled; Will Netflix pick it up?

metalocalypse netflix

Fans of Brenden Small's Metalocalypse had a pretty rough day, when he confirmed the show had been cancelled. While it had a good run, it did not take long for fans to gather online and collectively call for Netflix to bring the show back as a Netflix Original. There is a bit of a "he said she said" going on right now, with Brenden Smalls tweeting that this was Cartoon … [Read more...]

OITNB Season Three Premiere Date Announced

orange is the new black season three premiere date

Orange is the New Black season three premiere date: June 12th When Orange is the New Black first aired, we were sort of under the impression that Orange is the New Black would have ended after the second season. Not for a lack of an audience or quality of content, but just because how much can you extend out of a book. Well regardless, after we watched a few episodes, we … [Read more...]

Adventure Time being removed from Netflix March 30th

adventure time removed from netflix

The Land of Ooo might soon be disappearing. At least from instant stream on Netflix, as Adventure Time is slated to be removed from the streaming service at the end of this month. Netflix, in what seems like a bit of a content war with a bunch of Cartoon Network shows, is seeing several titles expire at the end of this month, and Adventure Time happens to be one of the … [Read more...]

Netflix removing X-Files from instant stream March 31st

x files removed from netflix

What two names paired together better in the 90s than Mulder and Scully. Watch The X-Files on Amazon Prime The X-Files was a major fan favorite for many folks during the heyday of television at the end of the 20th century. We were screaming for our own version of our parents' Twilight Zone and were gifted with a near perfect series that ran strong for nearly a decade. For … [Read more...]

New TV shows and movies on Netflix March 2015

new on netflix march 2015

After yesterday's news on the movies and TV shows being removed from Netflix March 2015, we're happy to announce what will be added to Netflix March as well. We've been anticipating Mad Men season seven for a while and it's now here, along with Glee season five as well as some exciting Netflix originals joining the Netflix catalog: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Bloodline, which … [Read more...]

Movies and TV shows expiring from Netflix March 2015

removed from Netflix march 2015

After escaping a major BBC disaster last month, March 2015 is (seemingly) less disastrous as compared to February when it comes to movies and TV shows being removed from Netflix. While we'll definitely miss many of these titles, the release of House of Card's third season at the end of February should hold us over for at least... a week or so. These lists are always subject … [Read more...]

Does Netflix Have the Movie You’re Looking For? Introducing Grepstream

netflix background

Sometimes it can be hard to determine on what streaming services a movie will be available. It can sometimes be annoying as well switching between the different apps trying to remember where you saw that title you were interested in watching. Grepstream is a new search engine for streaming services that enable you (after a bit of figuring it out) to search for specific … [Read more...]