Get Netflix Free for Three Months with Google’s Chromecast


While Google slowly but surely infiltrates the last remaining corners of our personal life, it should come as no surprise that they're jumping head first into the living room television market. All joking aside, Chromecast is pretty neat in that it will allow you to stream anything to your TV directly from a mobile app or laptop, so you can launch Netflix on your phone and … [Read more...]

New Release: ‘Shut Up and Play the Hits’ LCD Soundsystem Documentary Streaming on Netflix

shut up and play the hits

You wanted a hit, and here it is. Somebody called me and  let me know that all I wanted was finally available and streaming instantly on Netflix. All my friends love this documentary about LCD Soundsystem's final show. We watched the tapes a while back, but once the news that Shut Up and Play the Hits was streaming on Netflix, we realized it was time to get away from … [Read more...]

Netflix to Start Producing Documentaries, Comedy Specials


With the recent "proof of concept" Emmy nominations for their original content, Netflix continues to push into more and more original content. The Verge is reporting that Netflix will start putting their weight behind documentaries and comedy specials. It should come as no surprise that comedy specials are a favorite of many Netflix subscribers, as the instant streaming … [Read more...]

NFLX Best Performing Stock on S&P 500


The financial reports are in, amigo, and Netflix is currently in the top performing spot among the S&P 500 index. After a large drop in late 2011, largely due to a ridiculously confusing pricing change, NFLX has performed extremely well in the eyes of investors as prices are now trading close to levels before the misstep. While paying out $500m a quarter for the … [Read more...]

‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ Now Streaming Instantly on Netflix


Let's all be honest, you didn't know you wanted this, but sometimes you just get a nice pleasant surprise on a Monday morning as we have learned that Xena: Warrior Princess started streaming instantly on Netflix last week. While we have no major confirmation, there are rumors that the series might just be making a comeback, with Uproxx reporting that Lucy Lawless, the … [Read more...]

Trailer Park Boys are Back on Netflix

trailer park boys

Never fear, fans of Canadian mocumentary comedy! Trailer Park Boys are back on instant stream! Seasons 1-7 are now back up and running after a brief take down, which we now assume was due to some contract restructuring. While the details remain a bit of a mystery, the show is streaming once again. For the time being, enjoy the highlights below (NSFW-ish): … [Read more...]

‘Orange is the New Black’ Wooing Critics and Fans Alike


One week after Netflix's most recent foray into original content, the release of Orange is the New Black has the makings of a slow burn success story. While most people were feverishly amped up for the release of the new Arrested Development episodes, and House of Cards had the star power of Kevin Spacey, Orange doesn't quite have that same kick in the pants that almost … [Read more...]

Netflix Originals ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Arrested Development’ Receive Emmy Nominations


Some exciting news in the world of streaming content! Netflix Original 'House of Cards' received nine Emmy nominations including Outstanding Lead Actor & Actress in a Drama, Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Director, among others. And don't worry, television's favorite dysfunctional family received three Emmy nods, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy, … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Best of Netflix


Greetings fellow Netflix fan! We'd like to welcome you to our new site! Our intentions here will be to act as a resource for Netflix fans around the world who are looking to stay up to date on all things red and white envelope -- From exclusive show news, new releases, what's hot on instant and just any generic rumors we might overhear, we are hoping this site turns into … [Read more...]