Sense8: Netflix Original Sci-Fi Series Premieres June 5


Update: The Sense8 trailer has been released! Watch it here. This year has seen its fair share of thought-provoking science-fiction films, and it seems that Netflix is keen on continuing the trend through its online platform. Sense8 will be Netflix’s maiden voyage into science-fiction, and with a June 5th release date confirmed, the geek world is abuzz with rumors, … [Read more...]

Metalocalypse being cancelled; Will Netflix pick it up?

metalocalypse netflix

Fans of Brenden Small's Metalocalypse had a pretty rough day, when he confirmed the show had been cancelled. While it had a good run, it did not take long for fans to gather online and collectively call for Netflix to bring the show back as a Netflix Original. There is a bit of a "he said she said" going on right now, with Brenden Smalls tweeting that this was Cartoon … [Read more...]

RUMOR: Netflix Working on Deal to Bring Live Action Zelda Series to Service

zelda on netflix

Pardon the sparse details, as currently the information behind the deal is obviously limited at this moment, but The WSJ is reporting that Netflix is in talks with Nintendo to bring a live-action version of Zelda to its streaming service as a Netflix original. In other words, it will be a long time before this is a reality, and naturally runs the risk of the whole project … [Read more...]

EXCLUSIVE: Netflix Announces New Original Series: Live Action My Little Pony

my little pony netflix

Update: 4/2/2014: Please note the date on the original article: April Fools =) Exciting news My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fans! Netflix has just reached an exclusive deal to partner with Lauren Faust, creator of MLP:FIM, bringing you the first ever My Little Pony live action series. The pilot season will contain eight episodes, all with live action actors playing your … [Read more...]

Netflix Moving Forward With a Marco Polo Original Series

marco polo

Five months ago, Netflix announced they had planned to sign a Marco Polo series from the Starz Network after Starz had released the rights to produce the show. Netflix has moved forward and officially announced they are currently working on the  new original series based on the life of the 13th century explorer to be released this year. Details are still rather sparse at … [Read more...]

Mitch Hurwitz says Arrested Development is Coming Back “Definitely”

arrestede development netflix

While we're likely to hedge our bets a bit longer before reporting that Arrested Development will be back for a 5th Season on Netflix, creator Mitch Hurwitz is reported saying that the Bluths will be back in some form here in the future. Whether that is a movie or another season is yet to be determined. "I kinda go back and forth between that [a movie] and a series," … [Read more...]