Netflix vs. Crackle


With Netflix ostensibly holding dominion over the streaming world, it’s no wonder that challengers will inevitably rise up and vie for the throne. Crackle is Sony Pictures Entertainment’s subsidiary brand, and has made a name for itself as an entirely free streaming platform. But the heart of the matter is simple: which of these two streaming services is worth your time, and … [Read more...]

Netflix vs. Hulu Plus


In the ever-continuing struggle for better online content and streaming platforms, you may have stumbled across (arguably) the two most popular websites in their field: Netflix and Hulu Plus. The obvious question, then, is which service is more deserving of your time and subscription. To get the definitive answer, we’ll be pulling from information about the content, pricing, … [Read more...]

Does Netflix Have 4K?


If you’re looking to view your favorite Netflix series with the world’s latest and greatest resolution – the fabled 4K resolution – then you might be in luck. In order to stream Netflix content in such a high-definition format, however, you’ll need some extra hardware and a bit of how-to knowledge. The first step is installing a TV that has UHD (Ultra High Definition) … [Read more...]

Does Netflix Have the Movie You’re Looking For? Introducing Grepstream

netflix background

Sometimes it can be hard to determine on what streaming services a movie will be available. It can sometimes be annoying as well switching between the different apps trying to remember where you saw that title you were interested in watching. Grepstream is a new search engine for streaming services that enable you (after a bit of figuring it out) to search for specific … [Read more...]

Is Netflix Blocking DNS and VPN Services? Some Customers Say Yes

Reed Hastings

Services like Hola Unblocker and Getflix are popular with Netflix users, allowing them to watch Netflix content from all the libraries exclusive to specific countries. For a long time, Netflix didn't seem to pay much mind to people using these types of services, turning a blind eye to those users who magically were in the Netherlands one moment and then in Canada the next … [Read more...]

Does Netflix Have 3D Movies?

Kevin Mazur

Update: If you're interested in streaming the highest quality movies and shows with Netflix in 4K/UHD, check out Does Netflix Have 4K? Netflix announced in 2013 that it would be adding 3D movies to its library, including many beautiful nature films and documentaries. But it's not so easy for an everyday Netflix subscriber to begin enjoying 3D movies as there are a handful of … [Read more...]

Netflix Web App Gets a Clean Redesign

netflix redesign

Anyone notice anything fun about their browser based Netflix app today? Yeah, that's right - Netflix has officially launched it's new design, with a new, refreshed logo and all. From moving some items around, the new design focuses on a much cleaner browsing experience among the movies and TV shows streaming instantly. There is also a high use of "white space" as opposed … [Read more...]

Check your Netflix Speed


Netflix has released a new "test" video that will then report on how fast and at what quality you are getting Netflix content. Click here to launch The tool streams a test video and displays the data up in the top corner. For those of you who don't care, it's at least reading the reviews of the video, as they are quite hilarious: "This movie was awesome. I laughed. I … [Read more...]

Tech Tuesday: How Much Bandwidth Does Netflix Use?


We very rarely think about the massive amount of data that is transferred through a series of tubes with each movie we stream in HD from Netflix. The below graphic details out a comparison between Netflix bandwidth usage and other internet services. It should come as no surprise that Netflix takes the top spot, and by a large margin, but it was a bit shocking seeing it … [Read more...]