Daredevil is Here, and We Have the Reviews


The first season of Marvel's Daredevil, the newest Netflix Original Series, is finally available for your viewing pleasure. But is it any good? Fans of Marvel Comics and superhero movies were almost universally disappointed with by the 2003 Daredevil movie starring Ben Affleck, so this new television series had an uphill battle to convince viewers to give them a shot. But … [Read more...]

Is Vikings on Netflix?


Vikings is a wildly successful, loosely historical, drama that premiered in 2013, and is currently in its third season on the History Channel. It follows the story of the Viking warrior Ragnar Lothbrok, played by Australian actor Travis Fimmel, and his struggle to lead the Viking tribes and become King of Denmark. Vikings is unfortunately not available for streaming on … [Read more...]

Is The Flash on Netflix?


The Flash continues the recent trend, cemented by shows like Arrow, Gotham, and not quite so recently by Smallville, of reimagining classic DC comics franchises into modern television shows. And, like Arrow, it's been successful in building a loyal following of fans since its premiere in October, 2014. Unfortunately, unlike Arrow, The Flash is not yet available to stream on … [Read more...]

Is Peaky Blinders Based on a True Story?

peaky blinders on netflix

For fans of Netflix series Peaky Blinders, the question often comes up how accurate the series is within the historical context of the Birmingham Gang of the same name. To answer the question immediately, the show we are all familiar with on Netflix is not actually based on a historical event, but much like similar shows such as Downton Abbey, place themselves within … [Read more...]

Peaky Blinders Season Two Now Streaming Instantly on Netflix

peaky blinders on netflix

The Tom Hardy phenom continues, as Netflix has just released season two on it's instant streaming service, meaning you can now continue binge watching Peaky Blinders. The first season of Peaky Blinders on Netflix released suddenly in the US without much marketing or fanfare but quickly gathered a large audience and positive critical reception. The second season of Peaky … [Read more...]

Is Gotham on Netflix?

gotham on netflix

With many other "prequel" versions of heroes finding their way to the TV, Batman seemed like a natural fit for a similar adaptation. Shows like Arrow and Smallville, among others in the similar universe. Gotham has quickly become one of Fox's newest hit television shows, with some recognizable names and faces taking the role of citizens of Gotham, the city Batman will … [Read more...]

Peaky Blinders Now on Netflix as an Original Series

peaky blinders on netflix

For fans of the Netflix Original Series collection, we present Peaky Blinders, a British crime drama taking place in 1919, following the crime-riddled Birmingham. Based on a plot of characters who sewed razor blades into their caps, explaining the title of the show, Peaky Blinders follows Tommy Shelby, a crime boss set on moving up in the ranks. The show originally aired on … [Read more...]

Is Smallville on Netflix?

smallville on netflix

Smallville was a smash hit for over ten years, following a young Superman as Clark Kent in his hometown, facing the everyday challenges of a teenager, all while harnessing his power to do good. Broadcast on the WB, Smallville built a massive following. Even Christopher Reeve was a fan of the Superman themed show, giving it his stamp of approval. Shop for Smallville: The … [Read more...]

Why is Netflix Blurry?

why is netflix not in HD

We get this question from time to time, people wondering why Netflix is blurry when they try to stream. You might be wondering why Netflix isn't always in HD, so we did a little homework. There are a few things to check: 1) Your own internet connection Streaming video takes a lot of bandwidth and if your internet connection is slowed for one reason or another or if … [Read more...]

Fox’s 24 Will be Removed from Netflix Instant April 1st

24 netflix

For those of you hoping to catch up on your 24 knowledge before the series restarts in May, you better get to work. Netflix has announced that 24 will no longer be available on the instant streaming service come April 1st (no, this is not an elaborate April Fools joke). Watch 24 on Amazon Fans of Jack Bauer rejoiced when they learned the series revamp would be soon coming … [Read more...]