Is The Wire on Netflix?


There isn't a day that goes by where we're not asked "Is The Wire on Netflix?" This is by far the question we get the most. Once again, BY FAR. Buy The Wire: The Complete Series on Amazon The sad truth is, The Wire Probably won't ever be on Netflix as HBO tends to be pretty protective of it's content (and we can't really blame them). We recently wrote about how Netflix … [Read more...]

What to Watch on Netflix This Weekend: November 1st Edition


Ah Friday, our favorite day of the week, because it means an entire weekend of Netflix watching ahead of us... (mostly joking) But seriously, here's our recommended watch list for the day after Halloween. With bellies full of candy, and perhaps a hangover from a Thursday night party, here's a few selections for the weekend: Movie to watch: Buried Alive Ok this is … [Read more...]

Weekly Twitter Netflix Recap: Derek Edition


Watched Derek on Netflix yet? No? What....??? While it certainly has not caught as much positive press or as attention, we think you should at least give it a shot; and so do the people below: Everyone watch Derek on @netflix. Seriously... best show I've seen in years. — Amy Alexander (@adalexand) October 28, 2013   Breaking Good: Ricky Gervais’ warm-hearted show … [Read more...]

What to Watch on Netflix This Weekend: October 18th 2013

in bruges

Another Friday, another recommended weekend watch list here on The Best of Netflix. Movie to watch: In Bruges Almost as great as the characters in this dark comedy is the scenery in the city of Bruges. In Bruges follows two hitmen around through a majestic city after a hit goes bad. Certainly not for those sensitive to profane language, the dialogue is great, if not perhaps … [Read more...]

What to Watch on Netflix This Weekend: October 4th


Another Friday, another weekend watch list for all of you with a Netflix account and some spare time this weekend -- Here are a few of our picks for your entertainment pleasure: Movie to watch: The Rundown Sean William Scott, The Rock and, brace yourself, Christopher Walkin star in this action flick that flew relatively under the radar despite being one of the funniest … [Read more...]

Tech Tuesday: Netflix Announces Super HD for all ISPs


For those of you on a select group of internet service providers, this isn't news. But for the rest of you... Netflix has announced that their Super HD is available to everyone now no matter the ISP. Using their adaptive streaming that determines what quality your connection can handle, Netflix will now opt in to streaming Super HD if their technology determines that your … [Read more...]

What to Watch on Netflix This Weekend: September 27th, 2013


Welcome to another glorious Friday Netflix fans! Below are our recommendations for the weekend, perhaps themed a bit as we welcome in fall, the gloomy end to a beautiful summer... Not that we're bitter or anything... Movie to Watch: Billy Elliot Besides having one of the best soundtracks of all time (seriously, T.Rex is amazing) -- Billy Elliot is a wonderful movie about … [Read more...]

Weekly Netflix Twitter Recap: Emmy Edition


It's another week of our recap of the things people are saying on Twitter about Netflix! This week we turn our focus onto the Emmy awards as we were extremely happy to see House of Cards take home one of the big ones for best directing. And let's be real, if Orange is the New Black had been released in time for nominations, it would have cleaned up on Sunday... Anyways, … [Read more...]

What to Watch on Netflix This Weekend: September 20th Edition

touching the void

And here we are, at the end of another beautiful week as the summer changes to fall for most of you. Below are your weekend watch list recommendations streaming instantly on Netflix Movie to watch: Requiem For a Dream Ever wanted to get really into drugs? Us neither -- However, this movie made that choice even easier. One of the most disturbing and depressing movies, it's … [Read more...]