1. Pierre says

    Hi – is Fringe season 5 available on Netflix? From what you mention on your website, it is, however I cannot find anything beyond season 4. Please advise. Thank you

  2. Omar Pescador says

    Please add The Sopranos and Entourage to the instant queue!!! These shows are a necessity for the survival of Netflix!

  3. paul says

    The guild only has one episode per season . Netflix mess up or what,please fix already, and put road number one back to streaming.

  4. cloe says

    readd naruto, naruto shippuden and inuyasha to netflix.
    you should add the latest seasons of haven. you should update all tv shows, anime series’ so it has all the latest episodes.

  5. xmas1961 says

    I am anxiously awaiting news about your series “Lilyhammer”. I hope there are more season’s coming up as I just finished all you had available and there are cliffhangers! Namely; What happens with Sigrid?
    This show is AWESOME! I think it would be more popular here in the states with more advertising…..

  6. libby says

    Please put the season two of The 100,and season three of Arrow. I would certainly love for you to do it I’ve been waiting for a while. at least think about it