Does Netflix Have 4K?


If you’re looking to view your favorite Netflix series with the world’s latest and greatest resolution – the fabled 4K resolution – then you might be in luck. In order to stream Netflix content in such a high-definition format, however, you’ll need some extra hardware and a bit of how-to knowledge.

The first step is installing a TV that has UHD (Ultra High Definition) capabilities. Netflix’s own technical support section details what models are applicable from each major manufacturer, and can help you pick out the new centerpiece for your home theater. After that, you’ll need to upgrade your basic Netflix package to include UHD streaming, which is typically $12 per month altogether. Your internet speed should also be up to snuff, since your television’s going to need some lightning-fast connection capabilities for full UHD beauty (and none of the buffering doldrums).

After that, you simply need to enable “high” for Netflix’s streaming quality, and you’ll be ready to go. Obviously, not all shows will be available to stream in 4K resolution, but Netflix displays UHD-ready titles in a separate box on the homepage. Shows such as House of Cards, The Blacklist, and Breaking Bad are all available in glorious UHD, and more series and films are expected to arrive in the coming months.

Until then, enjoy watching Frank Underwood’s political career disintegrate with jaw-dropping detail.

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