Everybody’s favorite Doctor, House Coming to Netflix April 1st

House on Netflix

Update 4/1/2014: Ok… we got trolled… because I’m looking at House on instant streaming right this second. Apologies for all the confusion, it appears that House is now streaming instantly here in the US.

house on netflix

Update: 3/31/2014: Was waiting for Netflix CS to respond, and it looks like House is not scheduled to start streaming tomorrow, April 1st (confirmed with two CS reps):

no house on netflix

house netflix two

It’s probably lupus, it’s always lupus…

Everybody’s favorite sarcastic, cynical and extremely unhappy Doctor Gregory House M.D. will soon be available in it’s entirety on Netflix Instant in the US.

For those of you unfamiliar, the show follows House and his ragtag team of doctors and med students as every possible symptom makes its way into their hospital. No, seriously – imagine anything that could possibly happen to any person alive today, and House has likely had to make an attempt at diagnosing it.

Ok but seriously, there’s a reason House finds its way to the top of many “best tv shows” lists, it’s quite entertaining. And all eight seasons will soon be yours to enjoy, Netflix subscribers.

Watch some series highlights below:


  1. Eversist says

    Why did they post on their Instagram about it, and say “No Joke” ? That’s pretty bad form if you ask me.

  2. Uhh says

    Did it just stop streaming? Like, literally just now? Because I’ve been watching it and I was on season 2… and then there was an error.
    POSSIBLY just a site error, but it happened on the TV then I looked up the show online with the same issue… Was this a month-long thing? Or site maintenance?

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