EXCLUSIVE: Netflix Announces New Original Series: Live Action My Little Pony

my little pony netflix

Update: 4/2/2014: Please note the date on the original article: April Fools =)

Exciting news My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fans! Netflix has just reached an exclusive deal to partner with Lauren Faust, creator of MLP:FIM, bringing you the first ever My Little Pony live action series. The pilot season will contain eight episodes, all with live action actors playing your favorite My Little Pony characters in real life. No costumes or special effects, just raw, unadulterated talent. And perhaps the occasional horse mask.

“Netflix has put an extremely fierce focus on creating more original content moving forward, so it seemed like a natural fit. Also, I’m a brony.”

-Ted Sarandos, Director of Content

To ensure the success of the series, Netflix used their newest technology, referred to as simply “Bigger Data” to determine that fans most positively responded to live actors playing horses when the actors themselves actually looked like horses.

“I didn’t think life could get better after singing the theme song for Armageddon. But then it did. When I first got the phone call to play Rainbow Dash, I was a little surprised, I always considered myself more of a Pinkie Pie. But I knew this was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed. I mean, have you seen my mouth? 100% equine.”

-Steven Tyler

steven tyler my little pony netflix


Other actors reportedly cast in this live action My Little Pony series include Hilary Swank, Ted Danson and Billie Piper.

Executive Producer Kevin Spacey gave a press conference earlier in the month where he called upon the fact that House of Cards was only the beginning of what Netflix was capable of producing, alluding to a top secret project he was behind, now revealed to be Live Action MLP.

We asked Assistant Director Jayson Thiessen if Sarah Jessica Parker was called to participate, but Thiessen said no, simply responding, “That’s kind of a dumb joke that the internet just wont let die.”


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