Hey Netflix! Bring Back Witches of East End

netflix witches of east end

We get a lot of emails asking us about Witches of East End and whether or not Netflix will ever bring WoEE back to the streaming service.

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Short of perhaps Smallville, Game of Thrones and maybe King of the Hill, there are very few fanbases more upset at Netflix than fans of Witches of East End since its removal from Netflix.

So much in fact, there is a very vibrant Facebook community dedicated to bringing WoEE back to Netflix as soon as possible. As it stands now, there have been few announcements as to whether or not the series will be brought to Netflix anytime soon, but we do encourage you to politely contact your Netflix customer service team and request that the show be brought back. Remember, be nice, but comment about how much you miss the series. Customer reps at Netflix are instructed to tally requests for specific series, so the more WoEE gets, the better.

Watch the trailer below


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