House of Cards Season 2 Release Date “Sometime in early 2014″

hosue of cards

For those of you excited to see what unravels between Frank Underwood and his power play for the Vice Presidency, we’ve got a minor update… you have to wait about another six to eight months as the second season of House of Cards is set to release sometime in early next year.

Christian Post is reporting that Season two of the Netflix original House of Cards, based off of the UK version of the show, will be released in early 2014. Currently, season two is about half way complete with filming.

House of Cards received a whopping 14 Emmy Awards and received overwhelming positive response. This should come as no surprise as Netflix meticulously analyzed their data on customer preferences when making casting decisions for the series, virtually ensuring success of the series. And besides, we all know Kevin Spacey is not the type of actor to work on a project doomed for failure.

Updates to follow once we receive official word on  an exact day season two releases.

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