Inspector Morse The Complete Series Now Streaming Instantly on Netflix

inspector morse

SECOND UPDATE (9/18/2013): And we’re back — Netflix is now, once again streaming Inspector Morse instantly

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UPDATE: It appears that Netflix has removed Inspector Morse from instant streaming, we’ll keep our eyes on it over the coming few days and update if/when it comes back

Based on Colin Dexter’s detective novels of the same name, this late 80s/early 90s crime drama was wildly successful in the UK and is now streaming instantly on Netflix. With each episode an individual case, it’s easy to give a few episodes of this guaranteed classic a go to see if you enjoy the premise and characters. Inspector Morse is a uniquely cranky character, with his high brow taste and cunning dialogue, offering a few humorous moments throughout  all the mystery drama.

The complete series of Inspector Morse is now streaming on Netflix Instant, we’re pretty excited to give the series another viewing.


  1. Karen says

    What just happened to Inspector Morse??????????
    It was there and then it disappeared between episodes!!!! I can’t find it on my computer queue or on my Roku. Please fix it!

  2. Cathy in NOLA says

    I called Netflix. The customer service rep said that either the contract ran out (which seems unlikely given how briefly it was there) or it was mistakenly uploaded to streaming. Perhaps if enough people call to complain they will consider putting it back.

  3. Nancy Kopriva says

    I started watching Inspector Morse, and then it was removed. I am seriously considering stopping netflix.

  4. Hilda Shelton says

    Why was inspecror morse taken off? I was in the middle of the show now I will not know what happened. Please pur it back on.

  5. Oiman Chan says

    I am furious after someone in Netflix told me that it was streamed by mistake and it would start in September. But yesterday they told me no such thing and denied it was ever streamed. I have three free months from purchasing the chromecast. Two more left. And I will drop Netflix. It is not what the guy said, “We didn’t do that bad for 8 bucks!” It is the ways these businesses (Amazon Instant Streaming too) treat us. We are nobody! Have no say because it is just 8 bucks.

  6. says

    I have been with Netflix for many years and I just want to let you know I am tired of having to receive my Inspector Morse, Midsommer, Agatha Christie CD’s by mail.

    I am no longer interested in DVD’s through the mail and if I can not stream them I am going to leave Netflix.

    I am sick of criminal shows with no meaning, and stupid shows that have no meaning.

    Are you going to stream the above shows or are you going to require I order them through the mail.

    Please let me know what your intentions are for these favorite shows

    Thank you

    Lynda Hambright

    • Ralph says

      I wouldn’t count on it; it’s been just series 1 – 4 for a good while. Like Rob, I thought, too, that the remainder of the series would pop up any time, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

  7. Megan says

    Very annoyed to find this article when I’ve been waiting so patiently for more seasons. Netflix needs to get it together. We customers were willing to put up with a certain amount of “oopsies” when they were the only game in town, but we are all pretty tired of it and ready to shop around.

  8. Susan says

    By not streaming Inspector Morse and other excellent series that customers patiently plead for, Netflix displays the arrogance and nauseating disregard for customer service of the worst corporations in America. There is no good reason to subject people to dinged up CDs that seize up in the middle of the story when streaming technology is a fact of life. Get a clue, Netflix. Better yet, get some integrity.

    • says

      I can assure you – if Netflix had full access to the rights of this series, it would be streaming. They’re currently in negotiations to bring the full series to instant stream, but can’t get the rights from the content owners at this moment.

  9. Anne Hall says

    I have just been on the Netflix website and spoken to one of their customer advisers via live chat. They said that my comments to get the full series of Morse on Netflix would be noted, and the demand for it would be noted. So, all of you who want to see all of Morse, please do the same! Log onto your Netflix, scroll to the bottom where it says Contact Us, and then look for live chat. Good luck!

    • Waltz says

      Calm down and stop behaving like a child. If you had bothered to /read/ the other comments, particularly the one about /Netflix not having the rights to stream the full series/, you would not have bothered to put your stupidity on display.

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