Is Better Call Saul on Netflix? The Plans to Release the Show are Mixed

is better call saul on netflix

Fans of Breaking Bad, one of the shows most prominently binge-watched on Netflix, certainly got excited when they heard one of their favorite characters from the series would be spun off into his own comedy/drama series Better Call Saul.

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The show follows Saul Goodman, the comic relief attorney from Breaking Bad who represents Walter and Jesse through their days slinging meth throughout the state of New Mexico. His character is both ridiculously dumb but at the same time brilliant, and his legal advice, while never angelic, always seemed relatively intelligent.

Better Call Saul is currently not streaming on US Netflix subscribers, but is available in many international markets, like in European countries where Netflix is available. Better Call Saul season one will be available on Netflix at the end of the season this spring.

Watch the Better Call Saul extended trailer below:

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