Is Boy Meets World on Netflix?

boy meets world netflix

For those of you following the recent news that Boy Meets World has a relaunch coming titled “Girl Meets World” many have been wondering if there is a chance that Boy Meets World might be coming to Netflix to help promote the new series.

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Despite the rally call, unfortunately, as far as we can tell, Boy Meets World will stay pretty tight under the Disney umbrella and won’t be making any fun appearances on Netflix.

But what are your thoughts about Girl Meets World? For those of you who grew up with Corey, Topanga and Shawn, are you going to give this series a chance? We’re pretty sure for the nostalgia alone it might be worth a few viewings, but we’ll see…

Watch an “Ultimate Best of Boy Meets World” below (over 2 hours!):


  1. Boy Meets World Fan says

    Oh man, we could watch every boy meets world episode if they were all on Netflix – one of the best shows of my childhood

  2. Naomi says

    Lol plz can u guys put boy meets world I love that show I can curl up and watch it all day c’mon plz make some arrangements

  3. Elizabeth says

    Please please please do everything you can to put boy meets world on Netflix.
    Ppl would join Netflix just by seeing that show is available. Without it, I predict a few member withdrawals :(

  4. Noah says

    Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz put boy meets world on netflix I bet a bunch of people will get netflix just for boy mets world

  5. says

    Please put boy meets world on netflix it brings back old memorizes of my childhood . I would love if you guys put it on netflix so I could watch it again . Think about it if you put girl meets world on netflix some people will not even know who topanga and Cory are . They need to know the old story .

  6. says

    Put boy meets world on netflix!!! People need boy meets, some us LOVE boy meets world it’s AMAZING!!! We need it so try all ur best to put it on. Plz :( :( :( :(

  7. daniel says

    you can buy boy meets world at Walmart every season i bought it had two order the last season but that wasn’t hard and you can watch it on amazon

  8. mackenzie says

    I am only 13 and I really want to watch boy meets world on Netflix I’ve heard that it can help you during your troubles

  9. grace says

    Girl meets world is basically dumbed down to the the “new disney”! so for those of you who do not like “new disney” shows, you won’t like this show… boy meets world was so much better, and this is just like a stupid version of it for the little kids.

  10. ijustloveboymeetsworld says

    everybody is right people would get netflix just to watch boy meets world it is the best show i have ever seen and the new version is just no the same at all so i really suggest it gets put on! it would make so many people happy

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