Is Community on Netflix?


Dan Harmon’s latest comedy series, the critically-acclaimed Community, made its television premiere back in 2009. Following the antics of a wayward community college crew and capitalizing on the comedy talent of Joel McHale, Chevy Chase, and others, Community managed to create a cult following over the course of its six seasons (one of which came about due to fan protests toward NBC, its home network). The real question, of course, is where to catch up on Greendale Community College’s shenanigans. More accurately, is the series on Netflix?

Well, yes and no. The unfortunate viewers in the US won’t be able to stream Community due to region locks, but those residing in Canada will be happy to know that they have access to the series. Since the sixth season hasn’t finished airing just yet, there are only five seasons available (the same is true for Amazon Prime’s Instant Video streaming, which might be the best route for US viewers).

While many longtime viewers might already be preparing their tissues for a tearful goodbye to Community, it’s worth noting that Dan Harmon has already noted his interest in a film, continued seasons, and even a video game. Joking or not, we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for the show’s first season, if you haven’t already:

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