Is Game of Thrones on Netflix?

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Update (2/18/2014): Game of Thrones Season Three Now Available on Amazon:

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Second to “Is The Wire on Netflix” — this is the other question we get all.the.time…

While we all can dream of a world where George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones is on Netflix, the reality of the situation is that HBO would likely never let it happen as with HBO Go being a direct competitor to Netflix it’s just unlikely they’d give up that much intellectual property.

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Sure, Netflix can often times boost the popularity of a show, we’re pretty well convinced that HBO doesn’t need much help promoting the series at this time. Maybe in a distant future an agreement will take place, but for now, we’re not holding our breath.

Watch a season one and two recap below (spoiler alert!):


  1. King Arthur says

    That is a true disappointment for me. I was hoping to see it with Merlin tonight. Guess we have to rewatch house of cards then. Damn you HBO.

  2. E says

    Game of thrones is available on netflix but not for streaming. They will send you the DVDs. (I’m watching it now lol)

  3. Kelly says

    I want to see games of thrones on netflix if not possible soon I will to now tv to get this please please

  4. Jack says

    This is unbelievable. HBO whining and complaining all day long about piracy and copyright while users are not allowed to watch GOT on the most relevant online streaming service, Netflix.

    For my part I’ve just opened TPB on a new tab…

  5. Random girl says

    That is bullshit. Not everyone has HBO and not everyone is going to pay for HBO Go when they don’t have HBO. From my understanding you have to have HBO in order to get GO…. That iis just….. Argh. I understand that HBO doesn’t want to give up their rights and what-not to Netflix, but seriously, provide a highly popular show on a highly popular platform where EVERYONE can watch. You know, boost the popularity and perhaps, oh my god, stream it to people who may not already know what it is!! Om ny god, that is genius!!

    • patt says

      Game of thrones season4 is out on DVD can be ordered from Barnes and Noble. Beware of their marketplace sellers on never sent me the item I ordered. B&N if ordered through them will give a refund if MP does not send.

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