Is Hola Unblocker Illegal? Not Exactly…

hola unblocker netflix

We get asked a lot about Hola Unblocker for Netflix and whether or not it is legal to use.

For those unfamiliar Hola Unblocker is a free VPN service that gives you unlimited access to the world wide web. In theory, it’s  an amazingly powerful tool as it makes censorship much more difficult as well as enables users to browse more securely.

It also allows for people in countries where Netflix isn’t available, or where their streaming choices are limited to browse the entire Netflix catalog. For example, Netflix in the UK has a different library of streaming movies than that of the US.  Hola Unblocker allows for people in both countries to access the unique libraries of the other country.

Too good to be true? Well, to be honest, it is just about that simple. Netflix isn’t in a rush to block the service as if they are already collecting your monthly payment, they aren’t too concerned with third party apps allowing you to browse more of their content. The content’s actual owners might care a bit more, but even then they will still likely get paid for the stream. The gray area will always be within violating the TOS of the site or software you are using with Hola. There are a lot of ways THAT can get you in varying levels of trouble.

The service is certainly not officially endorsed by Netflix, and at some point, it seems likely it might be blocked, but for now, you can use it knowing it’s not illegal.


  1. Beck Nigel says

    Thanks for the article,Rob. I personally use the UnoTelly DNS option. It’s ideal for content streaming because unlike VPNs, there is no internet speed loss when using it.

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