Is House of Cards Realistic and Good?

hosue of cards

One of the most common questions we get is whether or not House of Cards is good. Compare that to the next common question is whether or not House of Cards is realistic.

Is House of Cards Good?

Well, for starters, House of Cards has received massive critical acclaim. Almost across the board, people applauded the show for its intensity mixed with a semi-realistic narrative.

Second, it has reached mass appeal, both for its innovative release on Netflix but also for how much each episode ropes you in, almost forcing you to binge watch the series.

In other words, we highly recommend you watch it.

Is House of Cards Realistic?

Now this is an interesting question — We have a hard time imagining the show being SUPER realistic (don’t worry, we won’t reveal any spoilers), but there are certain moments that seem a bit over the top, yet still enjoyable. You know, the hyper-drama elements required of any series like this.

Some of the political tension seems realistic, so we’ll go ahead and say that probably stems from reality.

We’ll go ahead and safely assume a lot of the series is dramatically enhanced, but most likely all based on some form of reality of the current political culture in Washington.

Check out the House of Cards trailer below:

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