Is Netflix Blocking DNS and VPN Services? Some Customers Say Yes

Reed Hastings

Services like Hola Unblocker and Getflix are popular with Netflix users, allowing them to watch Netflix content from all the libraries exclusive to specific countries. For a long time, Netflix didn’t seem to pay much mind to people using these types of services, turning a blind eye to those users who magically were in the Netherlands one moment and then in Canada the next (magically).

But lately these VPN services are giving Netflix users a bit of a headache as access to international content as well as people accessing Netflix outside specific regions has seemingly been blocked. Netflix claims they haven’t changed anything in the policy related to VPS and DNS, however there are reports that Netflix has been under pressure from content owners regarding these back channel avenues.

With Netflix increasing the numbers of countries it’s available in here in the near future, it wouldn’t really surprise us if Netflix did eventually lock down on these VPNs to ensure only content distributed to specific countries in these new markets was being watched.

We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything new regarding a shift in policy.

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