Is Orphan Black on Netflix?


Science-fiction has been enjoying a stay in the television limelight recently, and Orphan Black is living proof. The series is directed by John Fawcett, who also directed Xena: Warrior Princess, and focuses on a group of people bound by the shared realization that they are cloned humans.

It was launched in 2013 on Canada’s Space channel (and BBC America, for US viewers), and its plot arcs involving eugenics, biotechnology, and corporate intrigue have propelled Orphan Black into the realm of critical acclaim and popularity.

Unfortunately, Orphan Black no longer resides on Netflix. While the series was once available to stream, the series’ streaming rights were sold to Amazon last year. The upside of this situation, of course, is that Amazon offers the full series (two full seasons, and the third season’s episodes as they’re released) free to Prime subscribers, in both standard-definition and high-definition formats.

You still have time to hop on the Orphan Black bandwagon without spoilers, of course, since the third season won’t air all of its episodes until June. If you haven’t already looked into it, here’s a trailer for the first season:

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