Is Outlander on Netflix?


Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series may come second to Fifty Shades of Grey in terms of romance book sales, but it’s still the dominant power in the television adaptation world. Revolving around Claire Randall and her jarring transportation to 1743 Scotland, Outlander is best known for its highlands espionage, sweeping scope, and fleshed-out characters.

If you’re a diehard Netflix fan, however, there’s some bad news: Outlander is not on Netflix, and likely will not be making the jump for quite a while.

Outlander currently airs on the Starz network, which also holds the rights to Spartacus and Torchwood: Miracle Day. Starz aired the first season of Outlander with 16 episodes, and last year, they renewed it for another 13. With rave reviews and a handful of awards pouring in, there’s not much of a reason for Starz to sign over its intellectual property to Netflix. While there is a possibility of syndication in future years, Outlander is firmly fixed for the moment.

You can watch the latest episodes of Outlander on the Starz website. If you’re looking to catch up with season one, then consider picking up the entire first season on DVD at Amazon, or you can stream it on Amazon Instant Video for $2 an episode or $15 for the season.

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