Is Scorpion on Netflix?

scorpion on netflix

CBS seems to have a hit on their hands with their newest foray into spy comedy/drama/action television. Scorpion follows a team of misfits with geeky/techy penchants, used to thwart the weekly threats to global security.

On January 12th, Scorpion was renewed for a second season, meaning now would be a great time to start investing into the series.

Unfortunately for many cord cutters, Scorpion is not currently available on Netflix, so you will have to either find a friend who has it on a DVR or perhaps stream Scorpion on Amazon.

The show follows Walter O’Brien and his crew as they do security work for the Department of Homeland Security. The show has been receiving massive audience appeal, the critics have been giving it decent reviews as well. Scorpion doesn’t try to be anything beyond what you would expect, which makes for an entertaining series.

Watch the Scorpion trailer below:

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