Is South Park on Netflix?

is south park on netflix

Not too long ago, the answer to this question was yes, South Park was streaming on Netflix. But unfortunately, due to contract restructuring with Viacom, Netflix was unable to re-sign any of the Viacom library, thus removing South Park from Instant Stream.

Watch South Park on Amazon

Currently, these Viacom shows are now only available through Amazon Prime, as Viacom had signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the Amazon instant streaming service.

Compare Netflix with Amazon Prime

While we’re certainly sad to see our favorite four cartoon children disappear from Netflix, we’re glad the show is still trekking along on Comedy Central.

Watch some highlights of the show below:


  1. Red says

    Well that certainly is not fair..especially to the ones who only have Netflix and not real know not everyone could afford cable and some not even Netflix or TV…Comedy Central airs South Park at certain times with most episodes they play more than others..but on can watch what ever episode you want and when ever..what a shame especially for ones who can at least afford Netflix and love South Park very dearly but as for myself..I’m stuck waiting for my favorite show to air..what a pity..

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