Is The Affair on Netflix?


Showtime’s new hit show The Affair has been growing its audience as well as gaining massive critical appeal over it’s first season thus far.

The show follows the trials of an extramarital affair, with wonderfully cast characters and beautifully written script. The two main characters, Noah and Allison both have their own deep struggles offering up the temptation of one another’s intrigue on Long Island. Following a “look back” approach with both Noah and Allison’s perspective, the show dives deeply into a massively complicated topic.

The Affair is no currently available on Netflix but considering the relatively close relationship between Showtime and Netflix, we wouldn’t be surprised if this show found its way onto Netflix at sometime here in the near future.

Watch The Affair’s trailer below:


  1. Laura Kowalsky says

    Interested in Information on Affair….in relation to Showtime and Netflix and new episodes.

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