Is The Flash on Netflix?


The Flash continues the recent trend, cemented by shows like Arrow, Gotham, and not quite so recently by Smallville, of reimagining classic DC comics franchises into modern television shows. And, like Arrow, it’s been successful in building a loyal following of fans since its premiere in October, 2014.

Unfortunately, unlike Arrow, The Flash is not yet available to stream on Netflix instant. Since broadcast network shows don’t usually show up on Netflix until the season’s over, it’s still a little early to expect The Flash to be streaming. But we expect the continued healthy relationship between Netflix and the CW means that we’ll see a release soon after the first season finishes in May. We will update you with any news.

If you can’t wait, you can stream The Flash now on Amazon, or preorder the first season on Blu Ray or DVD.

Watch the extended trailer here:

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