Is The Newsroom on Netflix?

the newsroom netflix

For fans of The West Wing and other Sorkin-esque style dialogue heavy dramas (even saying that is quite a mouthful), The Newsroom was an instant hit. One of HBO’s most recent original series, The Newsroom follows a team at Atlantis Cable News as current events unfold and how the network responds. From the behind the scenes politics to the struggle for ratings, The Newsroom has quickly garnered plenty of attention as it follows the real happenings of our very own breaking news.

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Unfortunately for Netflix subscribers, The Newsroom, like the rest of the HBO catalog, is not available through Netflix. While we can imagine a world one day where this content finds its way onto Netflix, it’s not likely to be anytime soon, especially as HBO and Netflix consider themselves stark competitors in original content

Watch the trailer for The Newsroom below:

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