Is The Wire on Netflix?


There isn’t a day that goes by where we’re not asked “Is The Wire on Netflix?” This is by far the question we get the most. Once again, BY FAR.

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The sad truth is, The Wire Probably won’t ever be on Netflix as HBO tends to be pretty protective of it’s content (and we can’t really blame them). We recently wrote about how Netflix has surpassed HBO in the number of US subscribers, as these two content producing giants are likely going to go head-to-head for years to come, and HBO’s The Wire is sort of a prized possession.


  1. Anthony says

    The Wire is by far one of my favorite shows, I would love love love if Netflix would somehow get put The Wire on instant watch…

  2. Dan says

    There are a lot of rumours that NETFLIX are attempting to get a new season of the wire exclusively on Netflix. Its possible.

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