Is True Blood on Netflix?

true blood

We get asked about whether or not any HBO series will ever be coming to Netflix a lot, and True Blood making an appearance anytime soon on the streaming service seems like another long shot.

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While we all love the show, it seems like it will likely remain exclusive to HBO for quite some time.

It’s been great seeing some Showtime content (namely Dexter on Netflix) returning to the streaming service, but HBO has been pretty hard-nosed, as with Netflix’s recent pushes into original content have definitely been seen as a step toward direct competition with HBO’s original series machine.

Check out the trailer for the series below:


  1. niamh says

    I know a lot of people that would be over the moon if this became a reality, one of my favourite programmes, hopefully this could happen this year!

  2. Jess says

    True Blood was recently available for streaming on netflix for a very limited time prior to the premiere of the final season.

    • Heather says

      Thanks, I thought I was crazy. I knew I had watched it on Netflix but couldn’t find it anymore.

  3. says

    Why true blood is not in netflix because people like it? Or no they do not like it at all. I like it because it make sense. And still I like it. It have to put that show in to the netflix. People can watch it they know what is happening in that show.

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