Is Twilight on Netflix?

twilight on netflix

We keep getting asked whether or not Twilight will be joining the Netflix library anytime soon. I mean who wouldn’t want to gorge themselves on a weekend of Edward and Bella drama.

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Unfortunately, the three part Twilight series is not currently available on Netflix and there are no current announcements for it to be joining the Netflix library anytime soon. While we don’t want to make any terrible assumptions about Netflix, we feel they tend to hate teen dramas, as Netflix lost Teen Wolf to Amazon instant streaming earlier in the year (boo!).

However… The Hunger Games are popping on Netflix one at a time!

Watch the Twilight trailer below


  1. Natalie Whyte says

    What about The Lords Of the Rings and Harry Potter? How about more live concerts and more theater stage productions?

  2. jacqueline corral says

    PPPPLLLLEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEEE put all the twilight movies on netflix
    I watched a lot of shows and movies on netflix this will be awesome if you put it on:-)

    • Arielle Nicole says

      Honestly they should put it on Netflix because Netflix would be more popular and would give them more money if you think about it so why wouldn’t they put it on there?

  3. says

    hi my name is Damien subway right and I wanted to let Netflix know that they should put cream all movies that came out in the movie theaters an old movies and new movies and TV shows that are nail and because it would bring more money to them and lots of people have Netflix oh my god it’s like I go to watch movies on there and they’re not even on there yet like Big Mama or only one of madea’s movies are on there on its like they should put more it’s like I’m getting tired of it and I’m thinking about cancelling my account so I hope they see this

    • shelby lee says

      You should use periods. It helps people understand what you are trying to say. Instead of this huge run on sentence like oh my god I mean who even talks like this much less types like it you wont ever get your point accross without proper punctuation. Lol

  4. Tia says

    pleasee all twilight series or interesting movies it will bring more people on netflix please not just me but others have been waiting for twilight

  5. Esseiepoo says

    Please put this show on Netflix I watch it all the time so until you put twilight on Netflix I will not watch Netflix never again.!!!!!!!

  6. Autumn says

    Twilight is now on Netflix. I hope people watch it so they get the rest of the series!! Hint hint to all that made comments

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