Netflix Announces Green Eggs and Ham


Ellen DeGeneres, Warner Bros., and Dr. Seuss are the three buzzwords for one of April’s biggest Netflix announcements. Just days ago, Netflix’s original content VP announced a collaborative, expanded adaptation of Green Eggs and Ham with a rather amusing jingle. DeGeneres, who will serve as the executive producer, also put out word of the project on her television show, where she detailed the series length (13 episodes) and its release date (2018).

Although a project three years down the line might seem too distant to warrant attention, it’s worth noting that the adaptation required extensive amounts of legal maneuvering, cooperation from the Dr. Seuss estate, and rights acquisitions, which will allow Green Eggs and Ham to be streamed in all Netflix-supported countries.

Netflix’s bid to corner the market on original content has been incredibly successful over the past few years, where major hitters like House of Cards and the recent Daredevil have been able to garner critical acclaim and attract new viewers. This Dr. Seuss project is guaranteed to draw a younger demographic to Netflix’s lineup of original content, and should round out their offerings of family-friendly media.

Stay tuned for developments, early looks, and trailers related to this whimsical new franchise.

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