Netflix Announces “Netflix Recommended” TVs

Netflix Recommended TV Logo

Netflix has announced the first slate of televisions endorsed by its new “Netflix Recommended TV” program, and they include models by LG Electronics, Android TVs by Sony, and Roku TVs by Hisense, Insignia, and TCL.

These TVs are selected by Netflix for their superior user experience when streaming. This means they will be easier to use, have faster performance in the Netflix app, and the latest features.

Check out our full list of Netflix Recommended TVs here!

Some of the touted features include:

  • TV Instant On: The television will immediately pick up where it left off when you wake it from sleep.
  • Fast app resume: Allows the Netflix app to quickly continue playing where it last left off.
  • Netflix button: The television remote will have a button that starts the Netflix app instantly.

There is a deliberate emphasis on speed behind all of these features: turn your television on quickly, get Netflix running quickly, and instantly continue whatever you were doing.

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