Netflix Exclusive “Our Planet” Announced

African elephant group dusting - wide angle perspective (Loxodonta africana). Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya.

One of the biggest sleeper hits in the documentary world was Planet Earth, an eleven-part BBC series that aired in 2006. Featuring gorgeous high-definition footage and the largest documentary budget ever assembled, the nature-centric masterpiece set a precedent for forthcoming habitat explorations. Now, with a full team organized and a vision in place, Netflix has given the green-light to a 2019 project inspired by Planet Earth, appropriately named Our Planet.

Our Planet will benefit from the creative guidance of some Planet Earth veterans, including series creators Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey of Silverback Films. This duo also worked on Frozen Planet, Blue Planet, and a variety of Disney-produced nature films. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) will also be contributing, and is expected to issue permits for filming in traditionally-sheltered environments and biomes.

On the technical side of things, Our Planet has been reported to make use of 4K camera technology, which Netflix is touting as a necessary step forward in creating vivid and gorgeous nature documentaries. Netflix’s Vice President, Lisa Nishimura, stated: “The Planet projects have enjoyed great success on Netflix and have helped launch new technologies for viewing at home. We think watching Our Planet, fully on demand in 4K will be an unforgettable experience for our members.”

While this stunning series won’t be hitting your Netflix queue until 2019, you can get your fill of nature footage from the previously-released Planet Earth, Frozen Planet, or Blue Planet, all of which are available through Amazon’s Prime streaming service.

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