Netflix Removing Scrubs January 4th, 2015

scrubs removed from netflix

Update: Netflix renewed scrubs once again!

Update: Netflix has renewed Scrubs through February 4th, 2014

Bad news frequent visitors of Sacred Heart Hospital, but Scrubs will be removed from Netflix January 4th, 2015.

The show has been a staple of the Netflix catalog for quite some time, but will be ending here shortly as the license is expected to expire at the beginning of next year. The show’s nine seasons are reportedly one of the most popular on Netflix, so we’re suspecting that many people will be awfully upset by this news. There are rumors that Scrubs has struck a deal with Hulu, giving that service some level of exclusivity to instant streaming, but have no official word on this from Netflix or Hulu directly.

For those less familiar, Scrubs follows a team of residents as they work their way through their early careers as doctors at Scared Heart Hospital. The mixture of lovable characters, witty dialogue and occasional romantic relationships led Scrubs to win countless awards throughout it’s rather successful airing.

You can buy Scrubs: The Complete Collection on Amazon if you are still hoping to watch the show whenever you please.

Watch some of our favorite moments below:

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