Netflix removing X-Files from instant stream March 31st

x files removed from netflix

What two names paired together better in the 90s than Mulder and Scully.

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The X-Files was a major fan favorite for many folks during the heyday of television at the end of the 20th century. We were screaming for our own version of our parents’ Twilight Zone and were gifted with a near perfect series that ran strong for nearly a decade. For those who rarely tuned in, The X-Files probably seemed a lot like a “monster of the week” type series, but underneath the surface tension of each episode there was a ridiculously entertaining and captivating story arc that captured the attention of millions.

So it pains us to announce that Netflix (as of now, we’re still holding out for a last minute extension) and Fox will be cutting ties and The X-Files will be removed from instant stream at the end of March. If you were looking for something new to binge watch following the wrap up of season three of House of Cards, we can’t recommend X-Files enough and highly recommend you take the opportunity to watch it now while it’s still streaming.

Watch the entire first episode on YouTube here:

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