Netflix Reportedly Has Surpassed HBO Subscriber Numbers


Who has more subscribers? Netflix or HBO?

Well, if we are to believe Bloomberg’s recent report on the numbers, Netflix now has more subscribers than HBO.

How many subscribers does Netflix have?

As of late 2013, Netflix is now believed to have approximately 30 million subscribers. HBO is believed to have closer to 28.5 million.

With Netflix now in talks to incorporate with cable TV providers, we assume this number will continue to rise.

The Bloomberg report raises an interesting question though, regarding Netflix’s potential need to raise prices or create tiered structures in order to remain profitable in the long term.

Competing with HBO

HBO obviously has an upper hand and years of experience with creating high quality content but Netflix is definitely ramping up their efforts.

They might be competing, but HBO and Netflix are both models of the future. People are willing to pay a subscription fee for high quality television – Jacob Klein, Editor of HBOWatch

Both content providers seem to have an upper hand on most competition, even over other premium and streaming services. Hulu, for example, has struggled to land a major hit.

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