RUMOR: Netflix Working on Deal to Bring Live Action Zelda Series to Service

zelda on netflix

Pardon the sparse details, as currently the information behind the deal is obviously limited at this moment, but The WSJ is reporting that Netflix is in talks with Nintendo to bring a live-action version of Zelda to its streaming service as a Netflix original.

In other words, it will be a long time before this is a reality, and naturally runs the risk of the whole project being canned, but nonetheless we couldn’t be more excited about the potential for this series. Early reports mention that it will be produced as a “Game of Thrones” style show for families. In other words, expect big adventure, swords, magic and of course an adolescent crush between Link and Zelda to be on full display.

The curious element of this deal is that normally Nintendo is extremely protective of its intellectual property, but it does seem fitting that perhaps a live action series could bring in even more of an audience into the video game series for future releases.

Rumor is discussions are being held in Los Angeles, somewhat near the Netflix offices, where the filming would reportedly be tasked as Nintendo would likely only be interested in conducting this with the help of a major studio.

We will of course keep this post updated as we get more information, stay tuned.

[Image credit: Gamespot]

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