OITNB Season Three Premiere Date Announced

orange is the new black season three premiere date

Orange is the New Black season three premiere date: June 12th

When Orange is the New Black first aired, we were sort of under the impression that Orange is the New Black would have ended after the second season. Not for a lack of an audience or quality of content, but just because how much can you extend out of a book.

Well regardless, after we watched a few episodes, we quickly binge watched every episode until we found ourselves at the end of the first season begging for more. Then the second season came out and same thing; we especially couldn’t imagine it having ended after that finale.

And now here we are, the light has revealed itself at the end of the tunnel as Orange is the New Black will be back on Netflix June 12th and we couldn’t be more excited.

Now if only someone could get a fifth season of Arrested Development on the books….

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