Recapping the Netflix April Fools Jokes [2014]

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For those of you living under a rock yesterday, consider yourself spared from the barrage of corporate attempts at humor being rammed through every channel on the web.

One of my favorite quotes from the day, “April Fools is the perfect day to see who isn’t qualified to write for The Onion.”

But there are always some standouts. And this year Netflix certainly did some hilarious work. Here’s a brief recap:

A House of Cards: “Anticipation can be a killer, as viewers of this surprisingly absorbing construction will soon discover. Pick a card, any card…just not the wrong one.”

Some highlight reviews:

“I don’t know how this got a G rating. The violence was off the charts. I wouldn’t let a child watch this. ”

“I did NOT see that ending coming! Five Stars!!!”

Netflix Rotisserie Chicken: “In the tradition of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” witness a searing, chronology-defying return to one’s origins that stokes the imagination”

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Sizzling Bacon: “The boundaries of TV and time go up in smoke with this tasteful, “Memento”-style puzzle that takes the viewer out of the fire and into the frying pan.”

Some of the best reviews:

“The bacon never browns, oh god why doesn’t it cook? It just stays raw for all 20 minutes, it’s breaking my heart.”

“It’s like pulp fiction meets the titanic. beautifully inspired by Wes Anderson. this stars Kevin Bacon as Kevin Bacon himself”

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