Netflix Weekend Watch List


Here's your weekly Weekend Watch List as curated by our editors: Movie to watch: The Truman Show For those of you unfamiliar, Truman follows Jim Carey around as Truman Burbank, an innocent, lovable man who fears the water but dreams of global expedition. The only problem being, he's trapped within a giant psychological experiment. Also notably, The Truman Show caused … [Read more...]

‘Orange is the New Black’ Wooing Critics and Fans Alike


One week after Netflix's most recent foray into original content, the release of Orange is the New Black has the makings of a slow burn success story. While most people were feverishly amped up for the release of the new Arrested Development episodes, and House of Cards had the star power of Kevin Spacey, Orange doesn't quite have that same kick in the pants that almost … [Read more...]

Netflix Originals ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Arrested Development’ Receive Emmy Nominations


Some exciting news in the world of streaming content! Netflix Original 'House of Cards' received nine Emmy nominations including Outstanding Lead Actor & Actress in a Drama, Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Director, among others. And don't worry, television's favorite dysfunctional family received three Emmy nods, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy, … [Read more...]

What should I watch next on TV?


While not necessarily all of the shows listed on the below app are on Netflix, we thought it was cool enough to share. List some of your favorite shows and it will recommend a few new goodies to you as well. We also recommend filtering through the entire recommendation list they offer in order to feel slightly insulted at the very end when they offer some, uh... sage … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Best of Netflix


Greetings fellow Netflix fan! We'd like to welcome you to our new site! Our intentions here will be to act as a resource for Netflix fans around the world who are looking to stay up to date on all things red and white envelope -- From exclusive show news, new releases, what's hot on instant and just any generic rumors we might overhear, we are hoping this site turns into … [Read more...]