Source: Netflix in talks with BBC to renew Doctor Who, might be removed but return soon after

leaving netflix february 2014

Update: Here is what is new on Netflix February 2015

Many of you have probably noticed the same thing I have on your Netflix home screen. When you hover over Doctor Who, a devastating piece of information reveals itself: that Netflix is removing the series February 1st. The internet has been in a bit of an uproar over the potential removal these past few days, including petitions, pleads to Netflix to reconsider, and a countless number of angry comments on this blog and many others around the web.

As points out, fans of content streaming on Netflix can be particularly passionate.

dr who being removed february 1st

But a source close to Netflix has told me that Netflix is in fact in talks with BBC to ensure that even if the show is not renewed immediately come February 1st, the odds are very good that a deal will be reached within months, or perhaps even weeks, following the February deadline. They commented that there is even potential that the deal could prevent any removal at all (a similar thing just happened to Scrubs which was recently extended at least a month). The contract negotiation is likely to be a “BBC package” renewal, so for fans of less popular BBC shows, the odds are fairly good that your shows will return as well.

It turns out that this type of cliffhanger removal is actually quite common, it just doesn’t necessarily always cause an uproar quite like the most recent with Doctor Who, which in all fairness, does have a very boisterous and charismatic fan base (of which I consider myself a card-carrying member). Our source mentioned that Netflix does take into consideration not only show popularity but also customer service “votes,” a statistic tallied based around how many people call into complain that a series has been removed or to request a currently unavailable title altogether. In other words, get on the phone or live chat and make sure that your voice is heard (but of course please be courteous and respectful to your representative, they have very little control over the content available).

Doctor Who has been one of Netflix’s top streamed television shows, with both the original and new versions of the show being available to stream instantly bringing countless new fans to the series.


  1. says

    Dear Netflix you have been dropping shows left and right! You took Animal Planet off! You took Discovery off! You are now taking the BBC off as well, not only are you removing show but you won’t even get the newest episode’s. You also say you listen to the ratings of your customers on the show we have in our (My List) section but obviously you don’t! KEEP DOCTOR WHO!!! KEEP DOCTOR WHO!!! KEEP DOCTOR WHO!!! & BRING BACK ANIMAL PLANET/DISCOVERY!!!!!

    • Luna says

      you should really send this directly to netflix like the post suggested complaining to the blog runner is not doing any good. But asking Netflix nicely has a much better chance
      at the bottom of the page there is a live chat or you can call them

    • Mike says

      You do realize that Netflix wants to keep these shows, but the owners of the licenses pull them for either more money or to launch their own paid SVOD service……

  2. Silver Dragon says

    Netflix, don’t you DARE remove BBC!!!!!!!!! I will probably cry and never use Netfix again. You can’t take the Wholock out of Superwholock!!!!!! Just don’t.

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