Starship Troopers Now Streaming on Netflix

starship troopers on netflix

I was about 12 years old when Starship Troopers released in theaters.

After having seen Independence Day on the big screen, I was quickly hooked on sci-fi action alien movies and desperately wanted to see Starship Troopers on opening night. So you can imagine my dismay when my parents wouldn’t let me go see it, commenting on how they had read some reviews about it being “adult-themed,” whatever that meant.

Fast forward a few years, few friends and I hanging out during the Blockbuster generation, renting Starship Troopers on a friday night to watch while drinking far too much Mountain Dew and eating copious amounts of pizza.We watched the movie and ended up being a bit puzzled by the strange political undertones and satire-ish feel of the film. This wasn’t an action movie insomuch as it was more of a comedy, not necessarily what we were expecting.

Regardless, Starship Troopers has become somewhat of a cult classic. While we highly suggest you appropriately align your expectations, we are rather fond of this movie now and especially recommend it for bad movie nights, despite the overall quality of the movie being quite high. It’s one of those movies that remains entertaining for a variety of reasons, and has held up quite nicely in time.

Watch the trailer below:

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